The Executive Committee treats the mulching of roads and the improvement of the lighting

The Executive committee of the Zona Franca gave evidence of the ministerial order from the Ministry of the Treasury, which extended the land of the same to the shipyards polygon. The perimeter fencing of the area was treated, basic in a free zone as a fiscal precinct, fenced that is in project and whose parcel has the port of Sevilla.

In the same meeting, the adequacy of the vials was discussed through mulching, so the procedures will begin to make the relevant contract. Also, and since the lighting installations were not in the best conditions since they had been vandalized, they will proceed to irlas fixing. The first phase, for Vial 1, is estiima to have a cost of 45,000 euros

The Executive Committee with members of the General meeting of Serviport, which took place below.

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