The shipyard is incorporated into the free trade zone of Seville

The Seville Free trade zone will expand its location with the incorporation into the shipyard polygon, as published by the Official Gazette of the state on May 15. This enlargement implies the integration of 43 hectares in addition to the 72 with which the free zone of Seville counts. They will become part of it, whose land is annexed, seven new companies, mainly of the metalworking sector.

The special delegate of the State in the free zone, Alfredo Sánchez Monteseirín, said that "enlargement implies a qualitative and quantitative leap of great magnitude that will benefit the region."  Favouring the development of the productive fabric, as well as the creation of employment in the province of Sevilla. Also, and with regard to new incorporation of companies has indicated that "is in talks with some who have shown their interest in settling in the free zone given the tax benefits that reports"

Given the characteristics of a free zone, which is an area with perimeter closure, security and access control and 24-hour surveillance, the consortium commissioned the Port Authority of Seville to draft the technical project of fencing of the shipyard polygon for its Incorporation into the customs precinct. This perimeter closure is an indispensable requirement for the expansion to be operational for tax purposes.


The free trade zone of Seville raised before the Ministry of Finance the Opportunity and need to expand its physical environment as a condition "sine qua non" for its viability to the totality of the current polygon of the shipyard of the port of Sevilla. All the companies that are part of Astilleros – GRI Towers, Tecae, Megusa, DITECSA, Astilleros del Guadalquivir, and Gmetal-have expressed their interest in joining the Zona Franca. Serious difficulties of a legal nature fundamentally, have required an intense work of several months of the consortium.

 The current free zone occupies a total area of 72 hectares and has six companies installed. These are CEN Solutions, Vitrae, Jannone, Liquid Seville, TRH and sluice port Terminal. In process it is English Steel. In addition, at the end of 2018 the Port Authority approved a new administrative concession in favor of the VIR pharmacist to implant itself in this enclosure.

Alfredo Sánchez Monteseirín, special delegate of the State for the free zone

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